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 How to use the Variables System

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PostSubject: How to use the Variables System   Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:45 am

This is how you use the Blockland custom event, Variables.

Modify Variables: There a TONS of different modvars. like, MultiplyVariable, DivideVariable, and Addvariable.
E.G. [On Activate] [output (client, self, or brick)] [modvar] [Variable Name Here] [By How Many]
It will take your [Variable Name Here], how many that is.
Say you have 4 cookies. DivideVar by 2. and your Cookies are now 2.
To subtract, all you need to do is [AddVariable] [Negative Number]

In the above E.G., remember how it says [Client, Self, or Brick]? Well, this is what that means.
If your variable is a Client variable, then it will stay on your person when you die.
If your variable is a Player variable, then it will erase when you die.
If your variable is a Self (brick), it was never on you. it was put on the brick. (yay!)
This is the same system for v5 too.

Using this, you can display your variable.
[On Activate] [Self (has to be self)] [DisplayVariable] [Client] [VariableNameHere]
If your variablename was Cookies. and you had 4. it would say:
Cookies is 4
Almost There!

This was probaly the most confusing if you are new to this.
E.G. [OnActivate] [output(Read Above)] [IfVariable] [VariableName] [E1] [What your Variable has to Equal]
Actually, its not SO bad, let me tell you what E1 means.
[GreaterEquals]: Your variable either has to Equal, or is Greater
[LesserEquals]: Your variable either has to Equal, or is Less
[Equals]: It has to equal it exactly
[Lesser]: It is lesser than
[Greater]: Greater than.
I can't remember if there are more. Make sure your Output is the real output for your real variable.

Oh! i almost forgot about this!
Most basic. If your IfVariable is true/false, something will happen, instead of that onactivate crap.
it all depends on your ifvariable

Real Variable
[On Activate] [Player] [IfVariable] [Gold] [>=] [10]
[Variable True] [Client] [Chatmessage] [<color:ffff00>John<Color:ffffff>: 10 gold coins? I'll make a sword for you! just a sec.]
[Variable True] [Player] [AddVariable] [Gold] [-10]
[2000] [Variable True] [Client] [Chatmessage] [<color:ffff00>John<color:ffffff>: Thanks! Here's your sword!
[2500] [Variable True] [Self] [SpawnItem] [Sword]

Hope you liked v4! On to v5! (Depends on what you want on your server, or what you like on different peoples server. you can host both at the same time though. >.>)

Tired yet? No? Continue!
This is A lot harder. but it is much much much better.

Same as Above, just it says VCE_IfVariable, and a little [ ] at the end that wasn't there before?
the [ ] is what events you want it to go to, so you can have an infinite amounts of ifvariables.
You have the IfVariables [ ]'s say [1 3] *space inbetween*. The VariableTrues/Falses for this ifvariable can only work on
event no. 1, 2, or 3.
0[IfvariableCrap] [1 2]
1[Variable True]
2[Variable True]
3[Variable False]
No. 3 wouldn't work for that IfVariable because it isnt in the outputs at the end. the only ones that Would work are 1 and 2.

This is always in Self. Its real' plain. not as spread out as old one.
[On Activate] [Self] [VCE_ModVariable] [Client] [Variablename] [Add?Subtract?] [Number]

[PostNote]: Sorry to bore you, this is real boring stuff. but guess how big your brain will be after coming out of this.
and it was your idea Like a Star @ heaven

This is COMPLETLEY new. but it is very fun.
Same thing as IfVariable, but instead of comparing a Variable to a Number, it compares it to a Variable
So if your Cookies was greater than your Cakes, variabletrue.
I'm pretty sure this is in self too.

Direct people to this post if they want to learn variables too.

Thanks for reading! Hope you're not as bored! lol![u] fail >.>
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Teh Kitteh

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PostSubject: Re: How to use the Variables System   Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:59 pm

Nice guide, 5/5 for proper context
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PostSubject: Re: How to use the Variables System   Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:37 pm

Nice tutorial, 5 points. pirat
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PostSubject: Re: How to use the Variables System   Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:18 am

Thx this helped me Razz
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PostSubject: Re: How to use the Variables System   

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How to use the Variables System
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